"What do you actually do?"

I draw illustrations and animations for advertising agencies, publishing companies and corporations. These images can be used as mascots. They can also be used in printed advertisements, as comics or as video clips advertising products and services.

"You've created images for such well known clients. Aren't these kind of images unaffordable for a small company/startup like me?"

I adjust my prices to the client. An illustration for an international company has a completely different added value than the same image as used by a small, local business. My offers are free and non-binding - try it out!

"So how much do these illustrations cost? Do you have price listings?"

My prices are as individual as the illustrations themselves: the price is determined by the amount of time it takes to develop the image (for example: battle scene at Waterloo vs. smiling ball) as well as by the predicted range of use of the image (for example: international advertisement campaign vs. local advertising.)

"How do you create the illustrations?"

I draw all sketches and final illustrations directly on the computer using a graphic tablet (WACOM Cintiq). The result is print-ready data which is sent via email.