For 19 years I have been working as a freelance illustrator now, working for well known names like Warner Brothers, McDonalds, Financial Times, Mens Health and many others. Sometimes my images can be seen in a much smaller scale, however. I have the experience with large companies, but still have the heart for very small companies - I am one myself.

Illustration is more than my profession, it is my passion.

In accordance to the variety of my clients‘ businesses, the tasks are very broad:

I have illustrated children‘s books, sensual adult motives, product-explaining animations and emotional mascots.

Everytime words alone are not enough to communicate, the supporting image is necessary to successfully reach the target audience.

In the steadily growing mass of information competing for our everyday attention, it takes striking imagery to put our message across.

Many international clients have already used my expertise.

Illustration is a process of ongoing learning - I have taken part in numerous seminars around the world, occasionally teaching myself.

I am always looking forward to enquiries, inspiration and constructive criticism.